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Various CP related Links

International Carnivorous Plant Society - (ICPS) Join this organization for a great quarterly journal, and access to the ICPS seedbank!

The Carnivorous Plant FAQ - A great initial resource for information on Carnivorous plants, with wealth of information, a well as a number of valuable resource links to CP Societies, CP forums and more.

Insectivorous Plants - Read Charles Darwin's Classic work investigating Insectivorous Plants including Drosera, Dionaea, Aldrovonda, and Utricularia, published in 1875.

Bay Area Carnivorous Plant Society - (BACPS) A great CP society in the California San Francisco Bay Area, that holds well attended meetings, many times with special quest speakers on a variety of CP related topics.

CARNIVOROUS PLANT PHOTO FINDER - Trying to identify a mystery CP, or looking for representative photos of a particular CP? This is the place!

The World Of Mosses - Everything you'd ever want to know about moss.

Local Conditions at Willmington South Carolina - Hey all you Venus Flytrap enthusiasts, Want to find out What the weather's like where VFT's grow in their native habitat?

Venus Flytrap Mutations and Varieties - This site has some good representative photos of various Venus Flytrap mutations and varieties.

Flytrap Mutants - Another Website about Venus Flytrap mutants. Smaller photos, but contains some interesting history on the origin of various varieties.

Tissue Culture in the Kitchen - Rick Wlaker's tutorial on performing Tissue Culture in the Kitchen using mostly common household equipment and supplies.

Kitchen Culture Education Technologies - Supplier of Plant Tissue Culture kits designed for use in the home or classroom, and a great source for tissue culture supplies and information about Plant Tissue Culture. The President of KCET, Carol Stiff also periodically holds Tissue Culture workshops throughout the U.S.

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